Get more from the business you've built

Ascend is the all-new, market-leading tiered adviser programme that recognises and rewards your new and existing business.

With access to Sovereign's network of thought leaders and specialists and developmental tools, it's a partnership that can make a real difference to you and your business.

Designed for today's rapidly evolving market, Ascend can help you, your team and your clients reach new heights of excellence.

How it works

Ascend is an annual programme that enables you to earn Ascend business credits for your new and existing business, and Sovereign Home Loan Settlements.

Risk and Health
New Business
Home Loan

There are 3 Ascend benefit tiers; Silver, Gold and Platinum. As you earn Ascend business credits and rise through the benefit tiers, you will receive more support to lift your business.

Supporting you and your success

Grow my business
Value my business
Core benefits
Keep me safe
Develop, guide and recognise me

Ascend is a holistic programme designed to provide you with our core benefits.

Core benefits

  • Work with NZ's largest life insurance provider1.
  • We paid 94% of insurance claims last year2.
  • Sovereign has an A+ financial strength rating from A.M. Best3.
  • Work with the right people to grow your business. We have a dedicated support team of experts and specialists, and more underwriters than anyone else.
  • Receive guaranteed passbacks on product upgrades for your new and existing customers.
  • We equip you with powerful tools and resources to support your business.

1 By new business and inforce market share based on Financial Services Council (FSC) statistics.
2 Sovereign's business data as at November 2016.
3 The financial strength rating is an assessment of an insurer's ability to meet obligations to policyholders. A copy of the scale, of which this rating forms part, is available from Sovereign. A.M. Best is an approved insurance rating agency for over 100 years.

Tier benefits

As you qualify for Ascend benefit tiers you will also receive four other benefit pillars, each designed to make a real difference to you and your business.

  1. Grow my business
    Ascend provides you with powerful tools and education to take your business to the next level.
  2. Value my business
    Ascend connects you to Sovereign's powerful business network, and top-level decision makers and industry specialists.
  3. Develop, guide and recognise me
    Ascend celebrates your achievements by offering you the opportunity to qualify for our Out of this World incentive travel programme and a prestigious annual Gala event. Ascend also helps you to achieve your aspirations with exclusive CEO and education sessions.
  4. Keep me safe
    Ascend provides you with additional tools and support to help you ensure you keep safely between the flags of regulation, after all compliance has never been more important in our industry.

You're in control

You can choose the benefits that suit your business needs from each benefit tiered pillar. With Ascend, you have the control; you can choose which levers to move.

Want to be a part of Ascend?

We'd love to help you get more from the business you've built. So let's talk.

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