Quote Builder - Simply smarter quoting

Quote Builder is Sovereign's new, state-of-the-art quoting tool that provides indicative cover options for your clients. It lets you build cover options and insurance plans for whole families or groups all in one single digital workspace.

Note any cover is still subject to Sovereign's assessment of your client's application for insurance.

Simply login to SovHub to try it out! If you have any questions about registering for SovHub, please speak with your Sovereign BDM.

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At a glance

At a glance
  • Easy

    Delivers a simple and easy quoting experience for you and your customers.
  • Sleek and professional

    Helps you have better quality conversations by allowing you to view cover options with your clients, and helping you present potentially complex information in a clear and informative way.
  • Powerful

    Allows you to develop different cover options and build insurance plans for individuals, whole families or groups in a single digital workspace.
  • Provides clarity

    Makes it visually easy for customers to understand their cover options, identify how well families or groups are covered, and spot any gaps in additional cover.
  • Multi-platform

    Quote Builder is accessible on desktop, laptop and tablet devices using Windows and Apple operating systems.

What advisers say

"Being able to access Quote Builder online 24/7 means I can start building an indicative quote on my iPad with my clients, then finish it off at home or when I'm back at my office on my PC."
"No other insurer is doing this right now. It's absolutely fantastic for Advisers looking to build business."

Tools & tips

Here you'll find useful resources to help you get the best out of Quote Builder.

Creating Quotes & Mission Control

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Creating quotes and mission control

Building Multiple Quote Options

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Building multiple quote options

Premium Calculation & Quote Output

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Premium calculation and quote output

10 Smart Tips

10 smart tips

Quickstart Guide

Quickstart guide

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Quote Builder

Deliver simple and easy quoting experience for your clients.

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